Discover the Tranquil Beauty of Villa Nova: A Hidden Gem in Portugal's Countryside


If you are not sure of what it Alentejo means, the best way to describe the region is the Portuguese answer to Tuscany.

The region is known for its exceptional wines and olive oil, a rich culinary tradition, large expanses of agricultural land dotted with Olive trees, vineyards,  ancient Cork Oaks and wonderful umbrella pines.  Populations are housed in villages leaving great expanses of space between them – it is the least populated place in Europe with very little light population allowing the visitor an exceptional view of the stars.

The Green House is located in a group of 3 villages that co-exist wonderfully together:  Alvito a beautiful 15th century castle and is the administrative hub, Vila Nova with restaurants and Viana de Alentejo is home to the Sanctuary of our Lady – an imposing baroque 18th century church where pilgrims visit and a festival is held late September.

The regional capital is Évora – a Unesco World Heritage site and well worth a visit.

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This part of the Alentejo has many wonderful vineyards to visit.

Spend an afternoon wine tasting and have a bite to eat.  There are dynamic olive oil producers that offer a similar offering but instead of tasting wine, you will be schooled in different types and qualities of olive oil.   Each vineyard offers something unique, have their own ethos and style, all interesting and informative and ultimately, delicious!